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We believe in scalable digital platforms that enable your digital ambitions.

To grow your digital business you need a solution which is both scalable and flexible. Scalability will support the accelerated growth of your platform and flexibility will enable you to capitalize on market and industry insights. Real success needs the long term thinking.

Our digital solutions have the following attributes:

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DNA #1


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DNA #2


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DNA #3

Business Value

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DNA #4


Platform Selection


Ambition, digital strategy and budget combined will define which platform is best. To facilitate any digital ambition we have selected multiple digital experience platforms to build on.


The most popular open-source Content Management System (CMS) on Microsoft technolgy is known for its super friendly user experience and flexible content solutions.


Acknowledged by Gartner as a leading Digital Experience Platform (DXP) which supports and integrated customer journey within the same solution.

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Our digital success stories

Gerard du Plessis

With Arlanet's expert understanding of technology and their agile approach, we were able to build an entirely new brand website and release a significantly improved user experience in only 60 days.

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