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Royal Ahrend

Royal Ahrend.

Royal Ahrend.

Ahrend. Vitalising workspaces

Who is Royal Ahrend?

Royal Ahrend has been creating vitalizing work environments for its customers all over the world for more than 100 years. With the arrival of COVID-19, the world – and with it how we work with each other – changed drastically. This resulted in new questions from the market, which Ahrend started to offer digitally within a very short period of time.

One of those solutions is facilitating home workplaces. When visiting the website, the visitor is recognized and can immediately choose from the correct range selected by the employer. The order is placed and delivered to the correct address. Quick and easy, without extra effort for the employer.

Webshop for home workplaces

Enjoyable working from home requires an ergonomic workplace, just like at the office. For example, an ergonomic office chair, a height-adjustable desk and a screen at eye level. In our webshop you can order a home workplace that perfectly matches your personal needs.

Work from home service

Just like at the office, the home workplace requires ergonomic furniture. Even more than at the office, it requires customization for every organization and employee. Not only in the choice of ergonomic furniture, color and materials, but also when it comes to delivery, adjustment, financing, invoicing, maintenance and returns. Ahrend can take care of everything for your organization with our home working service. In 3 steps we arrange a vitalizing workplace for your employees at every address.


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