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Umbraco vs. Episerver Platform Selection



Select the platform that matches your ambition

Every ambition has its own platform.

Every platform has its own advantages. It is a combination of ambition, digital strategy and budget that will set the requirements and define which platform is suited best.


The ambition and long term business goals require a certain set of functionalities and platform maturity. Define which digital maturity level you will aim to reach within the coming years.


How will you realise your goals and what are the means to make this happen? Define your path to success and look at the team and tools you need to accomplish this.


Does your ambition match your budget? Some platforms are more expensive than others, but offer more functionalities. Choose to invest more in a platform or in development.

Match the platform requirements with ambition, digital strategy and budget to see which digital platform fits your needs.


Our pick

Digital Platform

Is there short time to market or are you in need of a simple yet flexible solution that has many out-of-the-box features. Then we primarily choose Umbraco. Do you want to intergrate your customer journey througout your solution using personalization and a data-driven strategy? Then we primarily choose Episerver.

B2B E-Commerce

Are you ready to take the next step in e-commerce, but not yet in need of integrated marketing automation and personalization? Then we primarily choose Ucommerce. Are you ready to play Champions League and are you looking for a leading commerce platform that can take you there? Then we know we need to build on Episerver.

Make sure that before you make a choice your ambition, digital strategy and budget are clear and aligned.

Arlanet selected Umbraco, Episerver and Ucommerce as their digital platforms. Ofcourse there are many more choices in the marketplace, but we know for sure that with these tools we can make a difference and activate your digital ambitions. Selecting the right platform is just one half of the success, selecting the right partner being the other. Make sure you select a partner that has the right expertise and experience and knows the platform you build on inside-out and can guide you in your digital journey.

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