in and outside the office

There are a lot of companies that can build a website. But how many IT-companies can build software?

When you develop software, it doesn't really matter where it will be used, what system or what technique you use to build it. You are searching for a solution that will fix your problems and we want to find the best solution there is for you. That can mean you will use existing techniques or products or build it when from scratch.

We have developed software for LED Boarding that shows info or advertisements in your favorite soccer or sport stadium. Integrations with iPad and iPhone apps at the golfcourt. An application which compares billions of datarecords every year. 

Evertime a new challenge with no predefined solution. That is what makes a digital engineers happy.

Still not bored?

Watch the full video here.

Software Development

Not just building custom solutions, also explore existing solutions and integrations.

Agile Scrum

Transparency during the developmentproces together with the client.

Testing & Releasemanagement

Building software is an art. Especially with automated tesing and releasemanagement.


We are not affraid to share our knowledge.

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