automate your communication

Every company is looking for the ultimate marketing tool that allows him to get in cointact with his customer in a personal and tailored way. Build with the looks of their corporate identity, a newsletter, SMS and survey options. Not to mention statistic for KPI's and management reports. Finding the right tool is not all that difficult, until you find out what time and effort this requires from your company.

That is the reason why we support and implement Copernica as a marketing tool. Not only provides it your company with the solutions mentioned before, but it can be fully integrated with your existing systems throughout their API. Than we can build e-mailflows who will communicate with your customers at predefined moments or actions. Customised and personalised communication!

Make sure you know where, when and how you want to communicate and we will automate it for you. A big reducement of stressed out employees and a higher quality in your communications.

Interested in the possibilities? Just get in touch with us.

Still not bored?

Watch the full video here.

New Business

Brilliant idea but not a product yet? Maybe we can build it!

Responsive Development

All devices all the time. The start of most of our development.

Accessibility & Usability

Always keep usability, user interface and W3C standards in mind.

Powerfull Backoffice or CMS

A custom build CMS or custom build backoffice puts you in control.

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