Internet of Things measuring the physical world

Everybody is talking about the Internet of Things (IoT), but only a few really understand the impact that this technology will have on our daily lives. For the first time in history we are able to connect the physical world with low range power (LoRa) with the digital world in a cost efficient way.

IoT offers us lots of great opportunities and the first solutions are allready being shared on social media. We believe it is more than a hype for gadgets. It can actually improve some of the processes of your company. Therefor it is very important to get on board this journey with the right partner to discover all the possibilities, prototype it and bring it to market.

“Every company has unique opportunities to incorporate IoT technologies in there processes. There is no standard solution for your company, but there are proven processes to get to the right solution.”

Building great IoT devices and software can be achieved between a strong collaboration between the people within your company and the right solution partner. The next 5 years a lot will change within the IoT and software branche. If you are willing to embrace it it can give you a headsup of your competitors. 

IoT Academy Partner

IoT development

Arlanet was present at the IoT Tech days 2016 Hackathon. Always good to know the humidity ratio on your cheese sandwhich.

Download the Microsoft IoT Whitepaper. (NL)
Ask us to organise a brainstorm for your company!

Business Case

A strong business case is a good startingpoint for IoT and commitment from management.


Collaboration between your team and your technologiepartner to come to the right approach..

Proof of Concept

Develop your ideas to PoC and validate this with your business case.

From PoC to Product

Develop your PoC into a product that delivers value and quality for your organisation.

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