Client Case - Lobster Ink

Client Case

Lobster Ink

The Lobster Ink platform is an enterprise-class learning solution that enables the multinational organizations to better manage their change process. This is the story of how we helped them build a corporate website that supports this ambition.

Lobster Ink helps multinational businesses navigate transformation by growing organizational capability. The business comprises of three components. A learning consultancy, content production and an enterprise-class learning platform.

Together with the Marketing and IT division of Lobster Ink, we reimagined their corporate website using the Umbraco Accelerator with a great design on top. By bringing the best of both worlds together, we were able to add optimized functionality that complements a top notch design and reinforces their brand.

Combining the best of both worlds with out of the box and optimized functionality and a top notch design that matches their brand value.


Time to market

Creating a website which is optimized and attractive, but can also be configured by their own marketeers in a flexible way.

Business Value

Out of the box

Using the Umbraco Accelerator from Arlanet the website is built on an existing toolset that delivers instant value.



Umbraco provides an open-source CMS with great flexibility and user friendliness for their marketeers.


It was vital that the Lobster Ink marketing team is able to respond quickly whenever the market demands it. And, as the company is experiencing significant growth, the team also required the flexibility to manage content seamlessly. By utilizing Umbraco technology as our foundation, coupled with some custom functionality, Arlanet is free to focus on delivering more value to the platform with budget that would have otherwise been spent on maintenance.


Being a marketer today means constantly having to deliver more with less. With Arlanet's expert understanding of Umbraco and their agile approach, we were able to build an entirely new brand website and release a significantly improved user experience in only 60 days. This would never have been possible without close collaboration between our two teams and a truly flexible CMS.


Running on Umbraco Cloud the website is ready to handle any significant spike in website visits and supports Gerard and his team’s PR efforts. In addition, the team is able to iterate various lead optimization strategies quickly and in a more cost-effective manner.

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