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Client Case


Effectory is Europe's largest provider of employee feedback solutions located in Amsterdam, and offices in Munich and Cape Town.

How did we help them?

Effectory is a premium brand and a market leader in its own segment. Although the website has to look nice, it is very important to also have good search engine optimization and conversion on knowledge articles like whitepapers.

Together with the marketeers of Effectory and Michel Kuik as the designer we created a platform that uses the latest UX technologies, but is also flexible in its content management and optimized for conversion.


Time to market

Creating a website which is flexible and attractive, but also content rich providing knowledge through articles.

Business Value


The value of the content and whitepapers is of high quality, enabling Effectory to direct leads in return.



Episerver provides a multi-language, multi-site experience integrated with marketing automation tooling.


It is important for content editors and marketeers to be able to move fast whenever the market demands it. With a fast mover like effectory - having grown 50% over the last two years - and expanding into international territory you need to have the tools to change fast.

Annette Capelle

Episerver helps us to create content for our websites fast and easy, enabling us to adjust to the market at any time.


The current platform has been based on Episerver technology which enables the marketeers to create personalized content and setup intelligent campaingns. Running on Microsoft technology in the cloud the website is ready for any spike in website visits when the organization is in the news.


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