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Who is Zodiac?

Zodiac has been around for over 50 years and supplies Harley Davidson spare parts throughout Europe with their B2B dealer network. Starting with paper catalogs, they moved to e-commerce 20 years ago, building on a highly customized solution. Now it was time to move to a platform strategy and build their future B2B Commerce platform on Umbraco.

Transformed Catalog

With a paper catalog as the basis for their product data and a highly customized solution to migrate from, we had to transform both the product data and the solution, but retain many of the optimized processes available within the organization. This has resulted in an extensive process of Agile development at our customer in which 20 years of learning top had to be incorporated into the new platform.

Product Information Management

First, we structured the data to make it available in the old catalog structure, as well as in new and standardized e-commerce solutions. This resulted in a single source of truth and Product Information Management (PIM) within Umbraco itself. Having the right data in the right format available throughout the solution provided a strong foundation to build on. With an integration with the ERP, we ensured that every product change and order would flow seamlessly throughout the Zodiac organization.

Digital Asset Management

Next, we had to solve the problem of having many images in different sizes optimized for both online and offline. Here we expanded Umbraco's standard media section into a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution that could address some specific needs and integrate some of the optimized processes used in the organization.

Finally, we also had to provide the dealers with an easy solution to customize their own stores and fulfill their orders. For this purpose, we extended the strong Umbraco backend to provide a simple and easy-to-use editor experience.


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