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Victim Support

Victim Support Netherlands (Slachtofferhulp) helps 200,000 victims and relatives of a crime, traffic accident or disaster every year.

Who is Victim Support?

Every victim of a crime, traffic accident or disaster deserves the best help. Every year Slachtofferhulp helps 200,000 victims and relatives to resume their lives after a major event. They offer emotional help, guide you through the judicial proceedings and help with compensation requests.

Being part of two Agile teams, we have taken care of the development of the platform and the integrations with other systems, such as the community.



Creating a service platform that really focusses on the victim and relatives and use digital to connect, service and relieve them.



The improved platform enhances and diversifies the possibilities to reach out and connect to  victims, from generation Z to baby boomers.



Episerver provides a cloud platform that can cope with peak loads and can provide the customer journey in a personalized way.

Service Platform

Reaching victims is subject to new means of communication. The desire for personal contact has never been so dependent on the victim's preferences. Information via the website, chat, forum, calling or personal visit; all these customer journeys must be offered within one service platform.

The current digital solution is developed on Episerver technology and enables the organization to offer personalized and integrated content. Hosted in the cloud on Microsoft technology, the website can handle any peak load when disaster occurs and immediate assistance can be provided.



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