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Royal Terberg Group

Royal Terberg Group

For more than 150 years, Terberg Group companies have been driven to provide the best to the global specialist vehicle market.

Who is Terberg Group?

With 28 operating companies in 12 countries, Terberg is one of the largest independent suppliers of specialist vehicles. From terminal tractors to cars, from modifications to new vehicles, Terberg is at the forefront. Terberg Group emphasizes innovation, transformation and value creation.

Together with the marketers and IT of Terberg Group, we worked step by step to expand the platform, focusing on the governance of the solution for the entire group and its divisions and stakeholders.


An enterprise platform for multiple websites, brands, divisions and languages ​​serving all its stakeholders.


The developments within the platform are available to all stakeholders and divisions across the group.


Optimizely provides a multi-brand, multi-site and multi-language solution that is integrated with translation solutions.

Optimizely Digital Platform Integrations

An enterprise cloud platform solution with multiple websites, brands, divisions, languages ​​and integrations serving the entire group.


Enterprise Cloud Platform

It is important for the Terberg Group to be able to offer all its stakeholders, brands and divisions important functionality via a central platform. In order to achieve this, it is important to map out the various wishes from the organization and to centralize them via platform governance.

The current digital solution is built on Optimizely DXC cloud technology and enables the organization to deliver content with the right brand, division and language with a centrally managed solution.


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