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A short-lease car for every moment.

Who is SuperShortLease?

SuperShortLease is a provider of business short lease, private short lease, company car short lease and occasion lease. This special branch of sport provides consumers and companies with a flexible car leasing solution for any time and any duration.

With the platform on supershortlease.nl, the current offer is always immediately visible and quotations can be handled immediately and automatically through an integration with the CRM system. Optimized for mobile and Google, this platform delivers leads in a highly competitive market.


Coming from a highly optimized situation, the new platform had to at least match the search engine score.


By using Arlanet's Umbraco Accelerator, they can quickly respond to changes in the market.


Umbraco offers an open-source CMS with a lot of flexibility and a super friendly user experience for content managers and marketers.


Lead Generation Platform

Everyone is looking online these days, especially when it comes to the car industry and leasing. It is important that the offer on the website is up to date and that quotations can be made immediately.

To generate leads, we have used the latest techniques for speed, user experience and search engine optimization. A good score within Google is no longer a trick, but the result of a fully and optimally optimized website in several areas.

When the leads come in, they need to be able to quickly explore the offer to request a quote. These quotations are entered directly into the CRM system, after which - if desired - a quotation can be automatically drawn up. Providing a short lead time from interest to quote can mean the difference in conversion or not.

Umbraco Cloud Pro was chosen for hosting the website, which is based on Microsoft Azure. This allows the website to process peak visits and deliver a good performance of the CMS to the sales and content team. Every day the team works on optimizing the lead generation and expanding the content.


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