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The best online agenda for professionals in any profession and any market.

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Have you ever wondered how you could improve managing your day-to-day business? offers the best online agenda for professionals in any profession and any market. It offers you all the necessary tools to manage your agenda, finances and client/customer database.

Over 10 years ago Proagenda asked Arlanet to assist them in building a first prototype, which ended up in a highly successful golf community. Taking the next step, they evolved the product into an app for golf professionals, becoming the market leader in The Netherlands.



Starting their product from scratch and limited budget, they evolved into one of today's leading golf booking systems.



We have been helping Proagenda and consulted them on digital along the way using continuous and Agile development.



There was no blueprint or platform available to build upon, so we started from scratch using core Microsoft .NET features.

Leading Golf Agenda

What began als a golf community soon evolved into a golf agenda for professionals. This way, students could book their own lessons and professionals had their agenda's filled up even faster. Integrating the online portal with the App took the solution offline as well, being available anywhere without internet connection.

The final step was connecting the App and agenda to the clubs, having multiple professionals to manage as well as integrate with the local administration. This final step helped Proagenda get a strong foothold in the UK market as well, now moving globally.

Having assisted Proagenda with our own development teams for years, we now work together with an offshoring team for maintenance and smaller development, cutting down on costs and having 24/7 support.

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