Mag45 - Episerver Commerce case


MAG45 is one of Europe’s leading Industrial Integrators for international organizations like ASML and Philips.

Who is MAG45?

MAG45 is part of Solar Group and provides Busines to Business (B2B) services for med tech, machinery & equipment, pharmaceutical, industry and FMCG. When creating an optimal supply chain for their customers they need to integrate on every level of the organization.

Transforming their services to the digital world brought some challenges because of the size of their catalogue - around 10 million products - and the optimized and processes they deliver to their customers. Together with Anchormen we created an e-commerce and B2B portal that integrated with their big data solution.



Providing over 10 million products to their clients worldwide and integration with their big data solution.



The value of B2B Commerce is not only in their products, but also extra services like e-quote and punchout.



Episerver provides a content, commerce and find solution that integrates directly with their ERP.

B2B Commerce Portal

It is important for MAG45 to provide their services using a B2B Commerce solution. Integrating with several punchout solutions enables their clients to handle order within their own purchasing process. Providing an e-quote functionality means quicker response on requested prices and higher conversions.

The current platform has been based on Episerver technology which enables their marketeers to create personalized content and their sales people to handle quotes and orders online. The Episerver Find solution provides intelligent search to provide the client with an easy way to find their products.



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