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MAG45 is one of Europe’s leading Industrial Integrators for international organizations like ASML and Philips.

Who is MAG45?

MAG45 is part of the Solar Group and provides Business to Business (B2B) services for med tech, machinery & equipment, pharmaceuticals, industry and FMCG. In creating an optimal supply chain for their customers, they integrate their services seamlessly within the organization.

Digitally transforming their services presented significant challenges due to the product offerings of more than 10 million products. Regardless of the large offer, the customer expects good service and fast delivery. Together with Anchormen we have developed an e-commerce and B2B customer portal that is linked to their big data solution.


A range of more than 10 million products to serve international customers worldwide.


The value of the B2B Customer Portal lies not only in the products, but also in the extra services such as e-quote and punchout.


Optimizely offers an integrated CMS and Commerce solution which is directly integrated with the ERP and Finance.

"As a result, the collaboration with Arlanet has resulted in rapid and smooth development."

-- Laurent Chavagne, Innovation Manager


B2B Commerce Portal

It is important for MAG45 to be able to offer their B2B services digitally via a B2B Customer Portal. This enables their customers, among other things, to be able to purchase directly via their own purchasing software via a punchout solution. By offering the quotations digitally via e-quote, customers can view more information about the offer and order products directly. This results in a faster response time and higher conversion for quotations.

The digital solution is developed on Optimizely technology, which enables MAG45 to offer its marketers the website in a personalized way and to offer the sales division a customer portal where sales can be offered online. Using Optimizely Find also provides a search solution that makes products faster and easier to find.


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