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Effectory is Europe's largest supplier of employee feedback solutions and is located in Amsterdam, Munich and Cape Town.

Who is Effectory?

Effectory is a premium brand and market leader within its segment. Although the website must look visually appealing, it is even more important that the content of knowledge articles and white papers is easy to find, both on the website and via Google. This way many leads are acquired and good conversion is achieved.

Together with the marketers of Effectory and Michel Kuik as designer, we have created a platform that works together with the latest User Experience (UX) technologies while the content can be managed flexibly and in an optimized way.


Develop a website that is both flexible and visually appealing, while maintaining a focus on knowledge sharing.


The value that the content of knowledge articles and white papers provide leads to many and qualitative leads.


Optimizely delivers a multi-brand, multi-site and multi-language solution that is integrated with marketing automation.

"Optimizely helps us quickly and easily create content for our websites, allowing us to quickly adapt to developments in the market."

-- Annette Capelle, Senior Marketeer


Lead Generation Platform

It is important for Effectory's marketers to be able to respond quickly to changes within the market. With a rapidly growing organization - with a growth of 50% over 2017 and 2018 - and international expansion, a digital platform that centrally manages all websites is of great importance.

The current digital solution is developed on Episerver technology and enables marketers to offer personalized content and link it directly to their marketing automation solution. Hosted in the cloud on Microsoft technology, the website can handle any peak load when they hit the news again.


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